Wood and wood products surround us in our everyday lives to such extent that we can feel free to say: we live with wood and wood lives with us.
As an example, the dining table has for countless generations been at the centre of human life and activity: we sit around it and spend time together, we eat and we celebrate, we do business and make agreements, we argue and we make up…

We take care to preserve the rich beauty of natural wood in the spirit of craftsmanship by people for people and their everyday lives. It is precisely because of this love for wood and for the possibility to shape it so creatively that we at Stoljetni hrast d. o. o. have been making, for three generations, solid wood products in an environmentally responsible manner. They are unique products, custom-made according to the wishes and needs of our customers as well as specifically for the space where they are placed, and they meet the highest standards and quality requirements with respect to form as well as functionality, and offer durability that will last for many, many years.

In addition to manufacturing, we also offer consulting, planning, and design services for home and workplace interior design.

For these trees ensnowed, completely bare,
My soul did once with ardour care,
Till their illness came to seek its share.
And now, perhaps, admires them less,
But with many kisses, a firm embrace,
And celebration reverent.

Tin Ujević

Josip Roščić

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Marko Roščić

član uprave
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