As a natural material sourced from a living tree, wood is suitable for shaping into countless unique products.

Accordingly, each product made by Stoljetni hrast d. o. o. is unique with regards to its form and to the characteristics of the wood it was manufactured from, whether it be indigenous Slavonian oak, beech, ash, walnut, cherry, fir, etc., or custom-ordered wood imported from abroad. The manufacture of solid wood furniture is an aesthetically and technically demanding process. We start by selecting high-quality wood, which means we only choose wood from trees which grew in a straight and regular fashion and which are, as such, a prerequisite for the high-quality characteristics of a future product. After being sawed in a lumber mill, such wood/logs are warehoused for a number of years in order to dry in natural conditions. Thus, when making custom-ordered products, we use only wood from the same trunk that was dried for several years, which makes our products unique and recognisable. Our products are made exclusively of solid wood rather than wood boards glued together, which normally release harmful chemical substances (such as formaldehyde) into your living environment.
When processing wood for a given product, we use modern German-made technology, and our employees have many years of experience from working in the wood processing field in Switzerland.

Following the manufacturing process, we protect the surfaces of our furniture and other wood products with natural oils and wood wax finishes. A surface with such a finish is easy to maintain and is not harmful, while simultaneously preserving the natural structure and beauty of the wood. The result is the harmony between the natural qualities of the wood and modern wood processing technology coming together in a product of the highest quality, functionality, and durability.

We believe in the quality of our products, and we affirm this with a ten-year guarantee.

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