Stoljetni hrast d. o. o. manufactures environmentally friendly furniture and other solid wood products for home interior design. Our unique products are of top quality and bring together form, functionality, durability, and the beauty of the natural structure of wood at acceptable prices. This has also been recognised by our esteemed customers who support us and value healthy living in their own home and the preservation of our country’s natural beauty.

Our products come from carefully selected Croatian-sourced wood of first-class quality, naturally dried (over a number of years), and are manufactured using modern German-made technology and by professionals with many years of experience from working on the most demanding projects in the wood processing field in Switzerland (in Zürich, St. Moritz, Basel, St. Gallen…).

The modern and functional design of our products is shaped with a lot of appreciation for detail and with typical Swiss accuracy, precision, and quality, so there is no room for compromise in our work. Our furniture and other wood products enrich any home environment and are ecologically sustainable.
We also dedicate a great deal of attention to making sure that our products, custom-made according to the wishes and needs of our customers, are acceptable to the generations that inherit them.

Here tower colossal oaks
with ashen bark and grooves
which run along their entire trunks, twenty meters tall,
with a wide, robust treetop that crowns them…

Josip Kozarac

Josip Roščić

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Marko Roščić

član uprave
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Stoljetni hrast d.o.o.

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